Costco milk

This is a milk jug from Costco.

If you have not had the pleasure of pouring your morning cereal milk out of one of these, you must not like to spill milk.

It truly is worth crying over.

The jug, as far as I can tell, was designed either by a sadist… or by an engineer who was asked to come up with a milk jug that could be stacked 12 high on a pallet for easy shipment and storage.

I’m sure these nearly-rectangular-shaped jugs stack really well. Here’s the thing, though: They do a terrible job at their chief function: pouring milk.

This is what happens when you design a product, a system, a service that serves the functionality of the creator (or middleman) with little or no concern for the end user.

Are you building it for you… or are you building it to serve others?